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Solid Dynamics is an Australian owned company based in Wetherill Park, NSW 2164. Solid Dynamics manufacture and distribute tubular fittings that join together without and welding which makes it easy to install.

Our products simplify projects, save money, and most importantly your time. We handle a variety of projects from DIY home enthusiasts to the largest of industrialists.

Tubeclamp fittings allow any person to assemble a structurally sound object by connecting tubes together without welding. This simple fact ensures that problems can be easily solved and errors quickly corrected. This usually provides people with the piece of mind to be must more ambitious with their projects.

DIY railing systems or handrails are popular amongst our customers. Shelving and also home built gym set-ups are a close second. Solid Dynamics have also helped shop owners with racking systems and sign holders for their stores, some of which can be seen in the gallery section of Solid Dynamics. The modular nature of the product makes it fun.

Tubeclamp has a proven history working in protection barriers and in the construction industry. Solid Dynamics is trying to bring this clamping system to the general consumer to help cater for their necessities.


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