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Food in Vietnam tastes amazing because it is always fresh. Every day thousands of people cram their overly crowded local wet markets to buy meat, fish and vegetables, take home, cook their meals and eat with their families. This is the concept behind the Rolld Vietnamese street food eatery. Co-founder & CEO, Bao Hoang's mother's food is the inspiration and motivation to put Vietnamese street food under the spot light in a significant way. If you speak to any Vietnamese, they would probably tell you that their mother is the best cook. So essentially Rolld food is about everyone's mother and a celebration of everyone's family. With family and people at the heart of Rolld, it's not a surprise that we attract the best of the best from cooks, retail staff, store managers to executives at Head Office.

Our people is the reason why we have managed to open 30 stores across Australia in 3 short years. We're planning to have over 90 outlets by the end of 2017 and an international footprint by the end of this year. Slowing down is just not on the agenda. No wonder we were awarded the 2014 QSR Best Brand Story and 2015 QSR Multi Site Restaurant. If family and food is part of your DNA, you will find a home with us


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