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At O’Connor Marketing, we believe that people are our greatest asset, and our number one advantage. All of our marketing and promotion strategies are built on the same foundations – innovative campaign strategies, meticulous attention to our clients’ needs, and a motivated and driven sales team. Specialising in customer acquisitions through events marketing, promotional, and business-to-business campaigns, we provide our clients with a professional and personalised service that is parallel to none. Our creative campaigns build a direct and personal link to their customers, delivering a high return on investment, and resulting in long-term growth for our clients. We believe that a marketing campaign is only as good as the return it generates. The primary focus for any campaign is the outcome our clients want to achieve. We start with the end in mind to ensure we create a clear plan for your campaign. What we deliver are interactive marketing campaigns but returns are what our clients get. Generating these results is as much about our attitude as is it is about the systems we apply at every stage of the process.


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