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PanelPlace started off by connecting users to market research opportunities, providing a reliable channel for users to access legitimate survey companies worldwide. Today, we've expanded our opportunity categories to serve members from over 40 countries, with reputable brands partnering with us on our platform. We hope that our platform can act as a bridge between users and businesses, so that beneficial products or services can be brought to the masses in an easy, trustworthy manner. To us, it is always about bringing a win-win situation for our users and clients.

Our mission is to Connect People With Opportunities That Make Life Better

  • We seek to provide a reliable and beneficial online platform that connects users from diverse backgrounds to opportunities that help to make life better.
  • To help improving life by finding and personalizing opportunities for people to explore.
  • To help businesses to grow through performance-based user acquisition.


Spotjobs specialises in helping YOU find jobs at the companies you want to work with! If you cannot find a suitable position at PanelPlace, check out all the other companies waiting for your resume!

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