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LMC Interactive Services specialises in customer acquisition and brand awareness through face to face marketing and sales. Creating a link between our clients and their customers means that we are an integral part of their success. We have noticed a trend that more and more companies are starting to outsource various services likes sales, marketing, social media, PR, recruitment and website design so they can focus on product development and mastering their internal services. Outsourcing certain services to specialists in that field makes more sense to most Directors as it saves time having train their own in-house teams and is more cost effective and efficient way of acquiring and retaining customers. To effectively grow a business will take experience, attention to detail and financial backing. Many businesses now realise that they can save time, energy and finances by outsourcing their sales to our team of professionals that already has the experience required and most importantly get a better return on their investment. LMC Interactive Services provide marketing systems that are simple, replicable and very effective, meaning that we can apply the same know-how to various different products and services. Not only are our systems transferable but we can apply them through different disciplines like Events, business to business (b2b) and business to consumer (b2c) based marketing and sales campaigns for National and International clients. The combination of these two points has paved the way to our success. Many forms of marketing can promise a lot of things like mass market penetration and customer awareness, but in today’s economic environment companies can’t justify spending money if there is not some sort of guarantee that they will see a return on investment. LMC Interactive Services’s key success factor is that we can guarantee paying customers for our clients product, brand or and services. With our face to face sales and marketing systems and a proven track record within our industry we can give our clients peace of mind and an assurance that we will increase their customer base in local and National and International markets. Based in Brisbane and Sydney LMC Interactive Services works with local, National and International clients within a variety of industries. We service every major city within Australia, meaning we can deliver customers nationwide. This part of our service is very attractive to clients that are seeking to expand not just locally but nationally. Even though we are keen to expand rapidly for our clients we have to ensure with our growth we maintain our professional yet personalised approach to our clients brand and their current customers and future customers. Our focus is creating opportunity and we live and breathe that in every part of our business. From our clients growth, expansion opportunities and lastly to the customers we serve by delivering a customer focused sales and marketing approach. Working alongside LMC Interactive Services will help grow a clients customer base as well as brand exposure. Promoting, selling and marketing various products and services is what we do best, which is why we have grown so quickly and have huge goals for expansion through out Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


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