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We stand for business owners and assisting another with their mindset. We know there is one way to lead and that is by example.
Consistently striving to make more of an impact than we did yesterday and assisting others to win in life.
As business owners – we believe in exchange. WIN, WIN, WIN. Not long ago we were stuck in the rat race. We really wanted the freedom to make our own choices, to control our time and not be a slave to everyone else’s schedules.

We were taught to work hard, working 2-3 jobs, 60-80 hours per week to get ahead. We have done many different things, Loan Officer, Sales, Office Manager, Real Estate, Personal Trainer and Small Business Owner. We knew if we had more income we would have the flexibility and independence to see the world, spend time with family and to feel like we were making a difference.

We found a business that allows us to be a part of something that is so necessary in our world right now and that is POSITIVE MEDIA.
It teaches people how to be completely self-reliant with day to day implementation of success principles and being the solution!


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