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"Success is not based on wealth, but on your treatment and respect of others.” - Les Erdi OAM

Erdigroup is a collection of businesses that help, inspire, create and fulfill.

We have hotels and social venues, where people can mingle over yummy food, rest peacefully and nourish their souls in comfort.

But Erdigroup is about more than that. We believe in enriching the lives of those around us. We thrive on community projects for health and education. We believe strongly in giving a helping hand to public works and developments. We love the feeling that rejuvenating city landscape brings to our community. Our philanthropic initiatives have helped people from all paths of life.

We take joy in every aspect of our work. It’s far more than just earning a living. In fact, we insist on our people aiming for success in their careers and having a great work/life balance. Our staff are great team players. Motivators. They are generous and love people. Our guests love them too. And that’s just the way we want it.

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Looking for a fab job in hospitality? If you love people, we are the place for you!

“Passion and commitment; these are what truly makes a great employee. Oh, and the abilities to be honest and to contribute. All our staff have these qualities - that is what makes us great.” - Les Erdi OAM

Erdigroup is not your average employer. (That's because we don't have your average hotels.) We don't like too much hierarchy - it detracts from creativity and individuality. And it's with creativity and individuality that people do their best.

Our 'flat' structure encourages everyone to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns - there's no clamming up here. As a result, our teams have a genuine sense of spirit within the workplace. Sincere appreciation of each another flows from respect.

Sometimes, we’re a bit quirky; but then, individuality and colourful spirits grow richly from dedication and a love of what you do. And that’s what our people are: dedicated. And we love them for it.


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